Collection: Wall Mount Kits for Samsung Galaxy Tab A Tablets

Our custom designed Wall Mount Kits convert Samsung Galaxy TAB A Tablet into a multi-function home automation touch screen.

  • We solve “No Permanent Power” and “Ugly Cabling” problems by fully integrating charging cable into the frame and routing power connection to the back of the mounting
  • Our mounts make it easy to use powerful Samsung Galaxy TAB A Tablets as Touch Screens to control Samsung SmartThings Hub, Alexa, Google Home, Action Tiles, Sharp Tools and other popular Smart Home solutions
  • New Design based on customer feedback! Smart Home Mount now features stronger frame (thicker walls & back plate). Fully jacketed power cable for durability. Power Plug is now concealed by the face plate. Up/Down Volume, Power Button and Front Facing Camera are Accessible. Can Be Mounted Vertically or Horizontally.

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